Advancement Committee of Troop 40


Tyler Sowers, Chairman of Advancements

Mr. Sowers is our Chiarman and has been the Chiarman of Troop 40 since 2013. Mr. Sowers created the Advancement Committee which sets the structure of Troop 40 with a purpose of keeping Duty to God within the Scout Promise. He coordinates the senior rank advancements in Troop 40.  Mr. Sowers is an Eagle Scout of Troop 40. He also served as the previous Eagle Scout Chairman of Skyline District.

Darren Barlow, Assistant Chairman

Mr. Barlow serves a dual role in the troop also serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster.  As the Assistant Chairman, Mr. Barlow coordinates the Lower Rank Advancements in the troop and stands in place of the Chairman in his absence.  Mr. Barlow is an Eagle Scout passing on the values of Scouting.

VACANT - Advancement Committee Member

Members of the Advancement Committee  serve a crucial role in each scouts scouting journey as the Advancement Committee is at the heart of each scout's advancement in rank.  With each level of rank comes a new level of growth in Character.  An Advancement Committee Member is a specialty position and is chosen by the Chairman.

Ian Sangree, Eagle Shepherd

Mr. Sangree serves as our Eagle Shepherd guiding those Life scouts on the journey to earn the Eagle Scout Rank.

Joe Casarez, Eagle Scout Chairman

In addition to being a Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 40, Mr. Casarez also serves as the Eagle Scout Chairman for Lone Star District, formerly Skyline District.  Mr. Casarez is the man in charge for all Eagle Scout Boards of Review for the entire district and approves all Eagle Scout Projects within the entire district.  Thank you to Mr. Casarez for this big job.